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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Backpost--Pilgrimage to Trub!

This is the event that's inspired the blog...

Several months ago, a few friends of mine (all from Bern) and I went to see a Swiss movie called Die Herbstzeitlosen. It's about a couple of old ladies who live in a small town in the Emmental, a rather conservative area, and they start a lingerie shop. The townspeople are somehow in an uproar over this. Anyway, it's a very cute move, all in Bern dialect.

So they all decided that we should make a pilgrimage to Trub to check the place out. We took the train one sunny morning to Trubschachen, and had a nice hike to Trub. On the way, we met a real live Swiss Mountain Man, saw lots and lots of cows, and we even found a silo with K's namesake on it. Finally, we made it to Trub, where the actual store front is a furniture/kitchen shop instead of a lingerie shop. But there was still a small package in the window from "Petit Paris" (the fictional lingerie shop).

We had a couple of beers in Trub, as well as an amazing strawberry tart, and moved on to E's apartment in Bern for a really nice dinner.



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