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Monday, July 30, 2007

Quebec in 7 days or less...

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This post has next to nothing to do with Switzerland or Swiss people, but I just got back from an amazing trip to Quebec to meet my family, who drove up from Ohio. We spent a few days in Montreal--there is so much to see and do there, we didn't even scratch the surface. We were also in Quebec City for a few days--it's one of the oldest cities in North America, and one of the most beautiful by far, with the Chateau, amazing views of the St. Lawrence River.

All through Quebec, people are very proud of their French roots. They speak to you in French if they think you have an inkling of what they mean. The food has a decidedly French flair, and everything proceeds at a slightly slower pace than other places in North America. I couldn't believe the churches--in Kentucky, where I come from, there is a church on every street corner, even way out in the country. In Quebec, there is a cathedral on every street corner! I definitely hope to make it back one day.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gurtenfest 2007!!!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the world famous GURTENFESTIVAL!!!!!

What, may you ask, is the world-famous Gurtenfestival? It's a festival that takes place once a year on a hill in Bern, and it seems that if you are from Bern, and you haven't been to the Gurtenfestival, there is something seriously wrong with you, you are probably not any fun. So, I was invited by K, my soon-to-be roommate, along with A and another A. A grew up with K--it seems that the Bernese are very good at keeping life-long friendships, and we went Friday evening.

The weather forecast was not very promising, although everyone (including E, who, being from Bern, goes every year) assured me that it never rains at the Gurtenfest. Yet, as we stepped off the bus, it promptly began to rain. We quickly ducked under an umbrella (in vain, as it turned out--the umbrella merely slowed down the rain). Anyway, that was the story of the evening--ducking into a tent with a lot of
incredibly inebriated music fans, going back out as it let up, and ducking back in again.

Nonetheless, we had a great time. K and Bernese A were constantly running into people they see every year at the festival, we ate some excellent Indian food, found some funky t-shirts, and it did dry off enough to see Lunik, a Swiss pop band, and the Scissor Sisters, both of whom were really great.

The girls said, "What bad luck!! It never rains at the Gurtenfestival!!" But it didn't matter so much--we still had an excellent time. My only regret is that I don't have a picture of us soaked to the bone!!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Getting old at the ZüriFäscht

Unfortunately, I'm getting old.

When I was a mere lass of 22 back in '01, I went to ZüriFäscht (Zürich's enormous tri-yearly party) and had the time of my life.

This year, I realized how old I was, sitting with A in the midst of the "Teenie-Saufen-Zone" (Teenage-Getting-Hammered-Zone), I realized, I'm too old for this. Bad loud trance music everywhere, drunk people pushing me from all sides...

K, you were right--uuvieue Bier, uuvieue Lüüt!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Independence Day!!!

My friend T had a really amazing 4th of July party yesterday. Even though it was raining and cold, but it didn't matter--it was the first 4th of July party I'd been to since 2001! Chicken wings, margaritas, brownies, an amazing pecan pie (actually, it was Kentucky Derby pie, which is of course all the better) was as much like home as a cold rainy Zurich day could be!

I brought along, of course, my (Swiss) friend D, along with her good friend (and my future roommate) K. D was impressed how un-patriotic we all were--complaining about the government, the war. And they both had a great time. E raved about how cool D is and asked if it would be possible to have two favorite Swiss people, D and K!


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